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    Porter-Wachenheim Scholarship Application

    Applicants interested in applying for the Porter-Wachenheim Presidential Scholarships in Science and Mathematics should do the following by January 15:

    1. If you have not already done so, make sure that you check the Porter Scholarship option on the Common Application
    2. Please type up a list of any extra-curricular science and math activities you have been involved in (e.g., school clubs, academic teams, tutoring, relevant volunteer work, shadowing/internship experiences, independent studies, summer research programs, etc.) and any awards/honors you have received (e.g., science fair competitions, science or math Olympiad medals, high testing, etc.).  Then underneath the list, write a brief essay discussing:

      (a) your interests in science and/or mathematics, 
      (b) how the activities you list above have helped you grow as a scientist and/or mathematician, and 
      (c) how you hope to pursue your scholarly interests at Skidmore. 
    3. Submit your completed list and essay using the form below


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